The Anthem for 

Gloucestershire and England

The Anthem for Gloucestershire and England

Sung to the tune of Jerusalem


We come from valley, wold and Vale;

Come from the combe and Severn’s side;

Come from the Forest’s wooded hills

And who can doubt our Gloster pride?

With minds as strong as Cots’all stone,

And hearts that swell like Severn bore,

As sure as good’s in Gloucestershire

We’ll sing its praises evermore.


And shall we sing of England now,

We who call this land our home?

Claim for the green and pleasant land,

The honours she can justly own:

How England gave this world a tongue,

And led in peace and time of war;

How England first lit freedom’s flame.

We’ll sing her praises evermore.


The words for The Anthem for Gloucestershire and England were written by Dr Brian Hayward. The Anthem was specially commissioned by Charles for his Declaration as High Sheriff at Gloucester Cathedral on 17th March 2018 when it was sung for the first time. It was commissioned to mark the centenary of Hubert Parry’s death.

There was concern that Brian Hayward’s unfamiliar words might result in a ‘fade out’ in the Cathedral, so it was sung at the service in tandem with William Blake’s words Jerusalem.  The familiar music was written by Gloucestershire composer Hubert Parry in 1916.